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Step Three Simply un-tick the box where it says 'Auto-update apps' and your apps will need your permission to download updates.

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An increasing number of applications are adding automatic, silent updates that don’t involve nagging.

Having the latest versions of your applications is important for a variety of reasons: When a new version an app is released – particularly one with security fixes – the developer can’t expect that every user will hear about it, visit their website, and download the update manually.

Instead, many apps – especially ones where security fixes are particularly important, like operating systems and web browsers – will occasionally “phone home” and ask what the latest version is.

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet and your apps keep annoyingly updating themselves then here's our guide on how to stop Android apps automatically updating.

It's a good idea to keep your apps up to date on your smartphone or tablet to get the latest levels or important bug and security fixes.

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