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You don't have a job yet." I said, "I did what I needed to do in NY, Broadway, modeling." If I wanted to book a job, it had to be in person not on tape. And I guess I was right because I booked my first live audition and movie in LA, "Bring It On Again."It's scary when you come out to L. All of the hard work and training in NY helped - the dancing and acting training. With being an actress, I don't want to risk getting hurt. I already established Katherine as an actress so I said "I'll just leave it." I think Katherine is better to keep as my stage name. They just wanted to call me Mississippi or Bailess.

I had an agency in New York and they said, "Are you sure you want to leave NY? I was the new girl in town, the fresh face and I didn't know any better and booked my first job. I went to Terry Schrieber's first, for a few months. I did the six week course in the summer with Suzanne, his wife. " Mom said, "You can try out next year." I tumbled [did splits] and got the job. Just like the Devil Girls in the VH-1 show I'm working on now called "Hit the Floor". But I don't do that kind of stuff that Kyle does to get what I want in this town. I almost changed my stage name to Kat because it's a little catchier.

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You have to figure out when to do your homework - before, during or after classes. I think my mom saw the potential, but then my teachers saw more. One of the girls actually kind of looks like me when dancing because of her long hair, so people sometimes think she's me -- flipping. We shot two episodes at once; one director, two episodes. I was on a bunch of Advil and Tiger Balm so hardly anyone knew I tore my hamstring. I went to my trailer, so excited and went "Oh my god. The fans that I have -- it's so warming -- you are the shit. One of my buddies in NYC sent me the Times Square video which was pretty exciting.

I feel it made me work harder in academics as well. I've done film before so I'm used to shooting out of order. I tore my hamstring during the pilot because it was such a hectic schedule and not a lot of time to warm up. This character could have been annoying or too slutty or too bitchy and she's not. They were showing the fire promo at the Viacom building. I said to myself, "Forget about the fire, just dance." I have scars all over my body from this job.

I also think gymnastics makes kids work harder -- it's intense. The only thing I was worried about were my limbs and my muscles. " Then I was like "Of course I can do this." I asked my friends in Mississippi to send me things on how to do this skill. I'm the comedic relief on the show which is a blessing for me because I love comedy so much. They asked me if I could bring my accent to the next callback and I truly believe it's what made me stand out and book the job. I really did not know how big my part was going to be when I auditioned. I knew Taylour Paige's and Logan Browning's storylines were huge. Every week I'd read the script and say "Wow, they're giving me more and more and more." Throughout the season you find out who Kyle really is. I was so glad because they trusted me as an actress to pull it off. " I'm just blessed to have the role and I'm blessed that they can turn this character into somebody that people really like. Actually, being on the show has opened up my music ears. We have so many great songs on the show that are brand new, so that's another big plus because we have VH-1 behind us, so they can get new songs that are Top 10. The director, Chris Applebaum, said "Let's go for it." The fire was literally right behind us.

Katherine Bailess stars in "Bounce" on VH1 as Kyle.

Born and raised in Mississippi, Katherine Bailess still loves fried catfish, shrimp n' grits, greens and black-eyed peas.

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