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I’ve had the book for over a month; I’ve even read it in entirety. You saw in the video today that we have a little kickoff party~webcast style~ tonight. As you read, pay close attention any time Lysa uses God’s Word, or Bible verses, in her writing. Possibly highlight it or write it in a notebook that is used for is such a great book with a great message, but I know for a fact that Lysa doesn’t want us to read her words and skim over God’s.

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I LOVE this because I have a Bible with me everywhere I go now! Whether you space out your reading or get it done all at one time is up to you. Everyone who leaves a comment today will be entered to win Visit and create a free account with the email address you use to leave comments on blogs and other websites.

I still use my real Bible, but it’s great to have a small little device that has a Bible on it with me all the time. Joining Lysa on stage will be special guests Karen Kingsbury, Renee Swope, Nicki Koziarz and me! Let’s Chat: When you are reading a book and doing Bible study, how do you do it? Upload the picture you want associated with that email address and you're all set!

You can go their website for information or just type in “You Version” in the search space of your App store on your phone or tablet. Share with us any tips if have done a Bible study before? I try to do my Bible studies first thing in the morning before my crazy, hectic, day ensues.

Special Events For You This Week These are OPTIONAL. I get up an hour before I have to start getting ready for work. I make notes in the book margin, or take notes in a journal.

We hope you’ll choose a few of our special events to attend during the study.

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