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by  |  14-Oct-2014 14:17

Email, text messaging, and chat apps might seem the perfect tools for deaf people to communicate.

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Furthermore, signing is often the native language for those who use it.

Moving to the keyboard means switching to a second language.

That's why Stout and his colleagues at TDI were excited to find Glide, an Israeli startup founded in 2012 that makes a free video-chat app of the same name for Android and i OS.

As many of you know, is NOT a company and I've been self-funding it since we began. I am still able to fund it, but with hosting costs being as high as they are, it's time I ask for some help.

The site makes no money at all and it has gotten quite expensive to host. Ultimately, if donations/subscriptions cover most or all of the hosting costs, that would would take a huge load off me and would enable me to put my money into developing the site further.

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