Intimidating eye

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However, the length and intensity of eye contact can change its meaning. According to frequently referenced experiments by Argyle and Dean, direct eye to eye contact should typically last 3 to 10 seconds, anything lasting longer than 10 seconds sets a mood for uneasiness and anxiety.Also, different cultures can interpret eye contact in their own unique ways and there are certain socially accepted norms that vary across the globe. (source 1) Also, the amount of eye contact has a direct relation to the physical distance between the two people.Therefore, if you are sitting or standing closer to someone, there seems to be less direct eye contact then if you were more than a few feet away from them which makes sense.

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On the flip side, if you are in very close proximity to someone, intense direct eye contact could be taken a variety of wrong ways including flirtation or the desire to intimidate, dominate or overrule that person.

This might cause anxiety and produce an uncomfortable feeling to the recipient.

The etiquette of eye contact in France, Spain, Germany and other European countries is similar to the rules we discussed above in the United States.

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