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by  |  06-Mar-2015 23:46

Over time the Swiss Style has been used in publications, on posters, and in signage, but I have noticed it is beginning to evolve and become popular online.

This evolution has been happening for some time now in the design community but is quickly being spread to social media sites, and the Online News Industry. I am sure there are lots of factors, but I personally think it may be in part to the renewed interest in typography that has happened since the release of the film Helvetica by Gary Hustwit.

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It helps to trace the origins of todays design back to the International Typographic Style, and makes typography cool.

While very few sites stay strict to all of the defining qualities of The international typographic style, many are heavily influenced by the overall look, and stay true to many of the features.

I put together some comparisons and examples and were amazed by the similarities.

The popularity of generated content and social media is transforming the web.

No longer does a site need a flashy intro or exciting graphics to entice a user to dig deeper, search engines and smart architecture bring the user right to what they are seeking, and when they find that… Usability, readability and find-ability are in style, while hefty load times, blinking graphics, and cluttered pages are out.

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