Guide updating gp4 Pinay chat web cam

by  |  13-Apr-2015 02:19

Start with a fresh installation of Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4. Download and install the 9.6 Official Grand Prix 4 Patch (Download Here) 3.

Download and replace the old gp4with Nocd/Decrypted gp4(Download Here) 4.

Download and install GPx Patch V3.91 (Download Here) 5.

- Make sure the shapes you've downloaded are named correctly (see below) Renault - car_benetton_carx_lod_x.gp4 Mc Laren - car_mc Laren_carx_lod_x.gp4 Ferrari - car_ferrari_carx_lod_x.gp4 Toyota - car_prost_carx_lod_x.gp4 Williams - car_williams_carx_lod_x.gp4 Honda - car_bar_carx_lod_x.gp4 Redbull - car_jaguar_carx_lod_x.gp4 Sauber BMW - car_sauber_carx_lod_x.gp4 Midland - car_jordan_carx_lod_x.gp4 Torro Rosso - car_minardi_carx_lod_x.gp4 Super Aguri - car_arrows_carx_lod_x.gp4 Note - RENAME ONLY THE . Thanks to Iain Berryman for allowing us to post this article on Sim Racing World.

Im sorry for being quite retarded here but where do get all cars, helmets, steering wheels, cockpits, sounds etc. I really want this mod and could someone please tell me.

Thank you very much um look on the first page of this forum and you will see like car files, and as such, like helmets and all that a majority is found within this forum otherwise you can use the search functionhope that helps Sorry guys I'm out, this is way too complicated and laborious to install and just play.

See you guys in a couple of months or so when I am fed up of killing zombies or robots.

Thats normally my rhythm with GP4 mods sorry to say.===========================================================================Core i7 [email protected] 3.8, 3x2gig DDR3 ram, GA X58 UD5 mobo, Powercolor ATI HD 5850 1gig, Cheiftec 750W, CM HAF 922 case. For me it's totally interesting to try and piece it all together (Total beginner at this), I'm getting there with it, I have to say again these guys working on the mod's are pretty amazing and I really appreciate the time and effort I would love a "one button does all" solution but that takes, hope it's not that far away it is taxing tho, I'm having trouble getting my tires right, On the soft tyres the green line takes up half the tyre, if I adjust the file a little I get no green line but a slick.

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