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Dear Friends, Granny would like to thank you all for your support and efforts in getting Granny to Cher. This 89 year old loves to dance, just push play to check out her moves! Our hundreds of posts on Cher's wall have been erased by Golden Globe buzz, let's go for round two!!! Now let's Hook A Granny Up , she deserves it!!! Granny is first generation full blooded Armenian-American, and our girl Cher is Armenian too!Sadly, Cher's final Vegas performance was last night and we were unable to get her attention in time. Granny can't wait for your next tour to come around, she's 89 for pete's sake! Complete Granny's bucket list, pretty please?! 89 year old Granny Laura desperately wants to see Cher; it is #1 on her bucket list. Please post this to Cher's facebook and twitter. AGranny Up Granny Laura doesn't own this song in any way, but she sure does lov Cher just won a Golden Globe! Just another thing these fabulous Divas have in common!

And she'd love for Ellen to watch this video and help tell Cher to Hook A Granny Up !

The woman lives to have fun, just like our girl Cher !

Let's keep Granny dancing and keep telling Cher to Hook A Granny Up !!!

Your support is an inspiration, keep this momentum going!

Please tell your friends to become a fan of Hook A Granny Up and post our video directly to Cher's wall!

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