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By Andrew Alden Question: What's a good introductory geology textbook for a smart lay person? A textbook is probably best for a professional or a teacher.

Answer: The book you want depends on your level of interest. Are you a professional in a related field who needs working knowledge of geology? Introductory college texts tend to be expensive, bloated and math-averse, from what I've seen.

The only textbook I ever refer to myself these days, though, is best suited for the solo reader with the desire to understand in depth--a rather old-fashioned kind of book.

It's "Planet Earth: Cosmology, Geology, and the Evolution of Life and Environment" by Cesare Emiliani (Cambridge Press, 1992), a rigorous masterpiece that spills over the narrow boundaries of geology into physics, chemistry and biology as it should.

It will be useful for many decades to come because, among other things, it doesn't shy away from the mathematics you need.

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