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The therapist of the Zodiac, Libras are widely prized for their “Prozac” effect on more highly-strung types, particularly Fire elementals.The only astrological sun sign represented by an inanimate object, namely, a set of scales, Librans are gifted with a talent for two-way communication critical to promoting balance and perspective in the face of raging fires.

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Diplomatic, charming and devoted to peace, he also tends to be a bit of a sucker and incurable flirt.

These failings come from his habit of seeing both sides to every story, and from his sense of universal love, in which no adoring suitor is wholly unworthy.

Libras mate for life…the question is, with how many different partners?

Despite craving lasting relationships for stability’s sake, Librans often get off the seesaw just to see it fly up.

While holding an idealistic loyalty to a partner, Librans have little sales resistance, especially when the product is flesh in his face.

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