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Darius Campbell has finally confessed he had a fling with Daisy Lowe .

The stage star, who rose to fame on British talent shows Popstars and Pop Idol, has been friends with the model for a number of years and has admitted they did try and give dating a go before deciding to keep their relationship platonic.

"When you're friends first, you know all of each other's s**t.

That made being more than friends really easy." He said it made it a natural and fun relationship and there were no awkward first dates - insisting she's not the party girl people think she is, although they would enjoy a few tequilas. Everything you need to know from judges to contestants Darius said they explored being a couple, but decided they were better off as friends and he is backing the 27-year-old on this year's Strictly Come Daincing.

He joked: "As she's about to do Strictly , I'd put it like this - we were great at jiving, we tried to tango, now we're back to jiving." The 36-year-old star added that Daisy is excited about the show and could be a big hit with viewers as she's a "great dancer." Darius recently revealed he was single and previously divorced wife Natasha Henstridge in 2013 after two years of marriage.

Jennifer Aniston opened up about everything from friends to dating in the May issue of UK magazine Red. I have dinner with male friends and it’s instantly, 'that’s the new man.' The phone is ringing off the hook from your publicist saying, 'Did you have dinner with so and so?

The actress was promoting her fragrance, but talk turned to how hard it is to date in Hollywood, saying, "You have to normalise it! ' and it’s 'yes, I did and no, I’m not.' So you sort of just meet people." Jennifer also joked about the pressure to have kids, and the interviewer suggested that she run off with the only man who is under the same scrutiny to settle down, George Clooney.

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