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By 1778, settlers established Mc Fadden's Station on the north bank of the Barren River.) surrounding the original plot.

The city of Bowling Green was officially incorporated by the Commonwealth of Kentucky on March 6, 1798.

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Early records indicate that the city name was also spelled "Bowlingreen". Growth in steamboat commerce and the proximity of the Barren River increased Bowling Green's importance.

Canal locks and dams on the Barren River made it much more navigable.

In 1832, the first portage railway connected the river to the location of the current county courthouse.

As of 2015, its population of 63,616 made it the third most-populous city in the state after Louisville and Lexington; its metropolitan area had an estimated population of 165,732; and the combined statistical area it shares with Glasgow has an estimated population of 218,870.

Founded by pioneers in 1798, Bowling Green was the provisional capital of Confederate Kentucky during the American Civil War.

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