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by  |  18-Oct-2014 03:12

It supports mouse and touch events for resizing and otherwise relies on CSS and HTML to handle the visual aspects of the resizing operations.Despite being minimalistic, I find it really easy to hook up resize operations for things like resizable windows/panels or for things like split panels which is the use case I set out to solve.

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The plug-in itself simply manages the drag operation events for both mouse and touch operation and resizing the specified container(s) that is being resized.

The end result is a pretty small component that's easily reusable.

You can use this component to make any DOM element resizable by using a j Query selector to specify the resizable element as well as specifying a drag handle element.

A few days ago I was working on one of my old applications and needed to add support for a resizable panel based layout in HTML.

Specifically this is for HTML Help Builder which is an application that generates HTML based documentation from class libraries, databases and that also lets you create help topics manually for full documentation purposes.

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