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Because many of the features that are typical for a B2C site are now expected on B2B sites, B2B retailers must customize pricing, attributes, and buying options (buying in bulk/recurring purchases) on all of their online channels.

Flexible e Commerce software that leverages your existing shopping cart to simplify product publishing for B2B and centralize inventory and order visibility allows your team to re-allocate time and resources towards meeting growing customer expectations for a connected, continuous omnichannel shopping experience.

If you are using a number of different tools to run your B2B and B2C e Commerce operations, look at ways to consolidate various systems and technologies.

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Municipal securities are relatively illiquid, and pre-trade price transparency is not a given.

The creation of an integrated, consolidated bids-wanted platform can make all market bids available, irrespective of where the bid is sourced.

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Recently we’ve had some conversations with various manufacturers around consolidating their B2B and B2C e Commerce operations.

With the growing demand for B2C-like B2B e Commerce experiences, there is the challenge of running operations efficiently with multiple systems.

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