Fast updating frequent itemset Show stranger webcam

by  |  21-Aug-2016 19:52

Furthermore, this paper introduced FUFIA (fast updating frequent itemsets algorithm), which could get the new frequent itemsets through searching three-dimensional itemsets matrix when the database and the minimum support were changed.

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Currently, there is no approach for updating an FIL with deleted transactions.

Therefore, this paper proposes an approach for maintaining FILs for transaction deletion without rescanning the original database if the number of eliminated transactions is smaller than the threshold determined based on the pre-large and diffset concepts.

A diffset-based approach is first used for fast building an FIL.

Node-list and N-list, two novel data structure proposed in recent years, have been proven to be very efficient for mining frequent itemsets.

The main problem of these structures is that they both need to encode each node of a PPC-tree with pre-order and post-order code.

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