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HAYWARD — The girlfriend of Ricky Ziesmer, a felon killed by Cort Holbrook in a March 2011 road rage incident in Livermore, was arrested in court Thursday during her witness testimony.The defense’s attorney revealed she had a ,036 warrant for her arrest.

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Morgan was taken into custody by bailiffs and transported to Santa Rita Jail, where Holbrook, 43, is still being held on $3 million bail.

Ziesmer, 48, of Fremont, was stabbed in the altercation by Holbrook, who has said it was self-defense after Ziesmer beat him to the ground and then came back at him.

The defense had alleged in court that Morgan may have altered her statement in hopes of special consideration on her own felony warrants for being a cooperative witness.

Owens played for the courtroom a videotape of Morgan’s statement to Livermore police on March 9, 2011 to eliminate concern that she was made promises in exchange for cooperation.

Asked why she left the killing scene instead of staying to wait for police, Morgan said she feared for her safety, as Holbrook was still clutching the knife and on the phone.

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