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China, in the opinion of many, has the most extensive Internet censorship system in the world.

The government has spent tens of millions--perhaps hundreds of millions--of dollars on filters and other blocking devices to prevent the spread of information over the Internet.

Former Chinese dissident Fang Lizhi wrote in the New York Review of Books, “The regime’s curbs on the Internet today range from filtering out large numbers of “sensitive” terms to simply unplugging the Web in an entire region for weeks on end.

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[Source: Fang Lizhi, New York Review of Books, November 10, 2011] China constantly strives to exert its control over the Internet, blocking content it deems politically sensitive as part of a vast censorship system.

A special 30,000-member police unit checks chat lines, looks for spikes in Internet traffic, monitors and screens websites and blogs for sensitive material and blocks access to violators.

Advanced technoloy is deployed to block access to overseas websites regarded as threatening.

China has purchased much of its filtering and spying equipment from the American companies like Cisco Systems and Dynamic Internet technology.

More than 500 cities have established internet police bureaus.

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