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I have a forum attached to my blog where people from all over the world meet to discuss simple life. I wish I could tell you I was there in person, but having those webcams is almost as good for this arm chair traveller.

There are about 7000 forum members now so we have an enormous amount of good information about growing food, cooking from scratch, family, simple living, routines, budgeting, baking and much more. This year has seen record numbers of sockeye and silver salmon travel up the Brooks River, which attracted more bears who use the resource to help them survive a long winter. There were new adult bears seen, quite a few mothers with spring cubs and the remains one of the older bears were found near the river which had everyone speculating about what happened to him.

I spent some time this week bear watching at Katmai Nation Park in Alaska.

But now it's coming to a close and instead of seeing most of the bears catching fish at the falls, we're seeing them at the mouth of the river too.

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