Dog the bounty hunter son dating a black woman

by  |  06-Feb-2016 21:37

"I am sick and tired of people like you and the phony and fake Al Sharpton who go after white people who say something you don't like and then using the excuse degrades black women, etc."That was one of the tamer emails I got when I called for A&E Television to cancel outright the "Dog the Bounty Hunter" show. Dog's comments about black women are more than just gender and racially demeaning and hurtful to black women.

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I frontally challenged A&E and said that suspension of the show is not enough.

A&E can send the strong message that the sentiments he expressed will not be tolerated by immediate cancellation of the show.

The suspension I also said is simply a cover your butt holding action by A& E that left the door wide open for Dog to climb back on the airwaves.

That prospect was even more real and fresh in mind with the announcement the day before by Citadel Broadcasting that shock Jock Don Imus had cut a deal with the network and would be back on board December 3. It's a network that in the past few years has transformed itself from a station that prided itself on high brow, educational faire into a channel that now routinely churns out reality type schlock to makes a buck.

A&E might and probably would do the same once the furor died down. But the hysterical defense of Dog and the bile emails this writer got has nothing to do with A&E or even the hunt down the bad guys thrill and titillation of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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