Demonstrate higher value online dating

by  |  17-Aug-2015 11:26

When you are open to receiving from a man, you are sending a message that you value yourself – you believe you are worthy of his time, attention, gestures, and ultimately his love.

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This means you do not give away exclusivity to a man until you have the commitment you want from him.

Instead, you keep dating and meeting lots of different men so that you give yourself a chance to find out what you really want and need from a relationship.

At the same time, you aren’t prematurely cutting yourself off from your Mr. When you keep the focus on yourself and keep yourself open to other men, you send the message loud and clear that you’re a woman who puts herself first and that you are a prize.

How do you make a man feel like the luckiest guy alive?

Read on to find out why doing less is more when it comes to showing him your best you.

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