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106(h), as follows: "(B) provide for the annual submission of updates to the Secretary that are based on reasonable assumptions, as determined by the Secretary, of future increases in the cost to complete the project. Major projects are monitored from planning to operations.

The intent of this guidance is not to require a prescriptive format for the Project Management Plan; but rather to provide a general framework in which modifications can be made in order to produce a Project Management Plan that will most effectively serve the State Transportation Agency (STA), the FHWA, and other sponsoring agencies throughout the project continuum.

" This Project Management Plan guidance is to assist the recipient of Federal financial assistance in the preparation of a Project Management Plan to meet the requirements of SAFETEA-LU.

In order to insure major project success, it is imperative that good project management principles are used beginning early in the planning stage of a project.

As the major project becomes more defined, the Project Management Plan will become the tool by which the project will be effectively managed.

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