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Despite the fact that this is only the first week of the programme CUROP has already provided me with experience in a lab, sample preparation and opportunity sharpen my bone identification skills.

Overall I’m thoroughly enjoying this Day of Archaeology being at CUROP, investigating archaeology.abscess, Bone, Calcium, Caries, cranial inflammation, dental abscess, Dental caries, disease, Environmental Issue, Hypovitaminosis D, infection, Malnutrition, non-specific infection, Pediatrics, rickets, secondary bacterial infection, Teeth, Tooth, vitamin D, vitamin D deficiency rickets Just finished recording a juvenile skeleton with lovely skeletal preservation, which meant a range of pathological changes were clear.

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This is quite a severe change considering the pattern of tooth eruption suggests the child was only aged about 4-5 years when they died.

This particular child had also suffered from previous episodes of disease; their leg bones, particularly the femora (thigh bones), showed marked bending most likely indicating a vitamin D deficiency rickets.

We need to form vitamin D either in our skin following exposure to the sun or from our diet, oily fish and eggs containing natural sources of vitamin D.

From George Foody: On today, the Day of Archaeology I am currently part of CUROP (Cardiff Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme), aiming to investigate prehistoric cooking practices at feasting sites in Britain.

The Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age sites of Whitchurch, Potterne, East Chisenbury and Llanmaes all have large midden deposits, believed to be the result of large-scale feasting.

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