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by  |  23-Sep-2015 08:51

Renee asks: I got talking to this really lovely guy at work event just over a year ago.

To say I was shocked and disappointed wouldn’t even cover it, but I was already falling for him and he said he’d been afraid to tell me in case I turned him down.

I asked for some space to get my head around things and at first he left me alone and then he called and called and eventually I caved. I don’t want to rain on the parade of separated folk everywhere but there is a reason why they’re ‘separated’ – it’s because they’re not divorced and are still married, and that in itself adds a complicating factor to any new relationship they get involved in.

At the time, he assured me that the divorce was definitely going ahead and there was no chance of reconciliation. I’m not saying that separated people can’t date, however, many separated people start dating and think later.

He said they’d grown apart, they wanted different things, and just couldn’t see eye to eye about a lot of stuff. The separated people that are dangerous to date, overestimate what they think they’re capable of being involved in and how genuinely interested they are in you, and then start backtracking quicker than you can say ‘But I thought you said you were getting divorced! You shouldn’t be worried that you might be with a Mr Unavailable – you should be highly concerned about the fact that you are involved with a Mr Unavailable.

I took him at his word but a year on, they’re not divorced yet (or even close) and twice he’s said that he’s crazy about me but that he thinks he should give his marriage another shot. If you were with a separated person who was ready to move on, he wouldn’t be trying to reconcile with his wife!

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