dating communication questions - Dating the age of steel

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A sword is an edged weapon used for cutting and thrusting.Swords typically consist of straight blades with double edges and a hilt; however, some swords only have a single blade.Swords carry different connotations in relation to geographical region and historical period.

Historically, the sword evolved from the dagger during the Bronze Age around 1,600 B. Soldiers used a fairly short sword without a cross-guard during the Iron Age.

The Roman army developed the spatha, a straight edge sword measuring between 30 and 39 inches long, which evolved into the commonly used European sword of the Middle Ages.

The classical arming sword with a cross-guard did not emerge until the High Middle Ages.

A swordsman who displayed a proficiency in using this weapon instilled fear in those who involuntarily dueled with him.

During the Early Modern period, the sword evolved into the rapier before the emergence of the small-sword, which became the main dueling weapon into the Eighteenth century.

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