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If the extension is well written, it will probably be included in in a few days, after its staff notices it on gerrit. If it's too unstable to be translated, note so in the code or commit and contact them if necessary.See also Overview of the localisation system and What can be localised. This object contains all the localisable message strings, as well as other important language-specific settings and custom behaviour (uppercasing, lowercasing, printing dates, formatting numbers, direction, custom grammar rules etc.).

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Most internationalisation is nowadays done via Message objects and by using the functions, which are now considered deprecated in favour of the above-mentioned Message objects. For an arbitrary language you can construct an object by using .

Language objects are needed for doing language-specific functions, most often to do number, time and date formatting, but also to construct lists and other things.

There are multiple layers of caching and merging with fallback languages, but the details are irrelevant in normal use.

This page gives a technical description of Media Wiki's internationalisation and localisation (i18n and L10n) system, and gives hints that coders should be aware of.

Our mantra is that i18n must not be an afterthought: it's an essential component since the earliest phases of your software, as well as one of the core principles of Media Wiki.

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