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If you’re a British citizen, you can get a 30 day visa on arrival.

You can extend this for a further 30 days by visiting an immigration office in the UAE and paying an extension fee. If you hold any other type of British nationality (eg British Overseas Citizen or British National (Overseas)) you will need to get a visa from the UAE Consulate before you arrive in the UAE.

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For further information, including on how to stay in the UAE for longer than 60 days, visit the websites of the UAE Consulate in London, the Naturalisation and Residency Department – Dubai or the UAE Federal E-Government Portal.

If you apply for a residence visa, you will have to take a blood test.

Those testing positive for HIV or hepatitis are detained and then deported. UAE employers may ask foreign employees to deposit their passports with the company as part of the terms and conditions of employment.

While this is not an unusual practice, it is illegal under UAE labour law.

You should cancel your work visa before leaving the country permanently.

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