Dating girls of bali

by  |  24-May-2016 16:07

The really attractive girls will not budge from their price as they know they will attract someone else if you do not pay what they want. If chatting to the girls in the bars and they ask you to buy them a drink beware.

The girls will order a drink and say it has vodka or some other alcohol in it and you get charged 50,000Rp though the drink is usually just fruit juice with a girl getting a cut from the bar.

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Kuta has the wildest nightlife in Bali and with no surprise you will find most bar girls around in Kuta.

There are so many bars in Kuta around Jalan Legian with plenty of bar girls looking to make some money.

One of the eastist places to find a bar girl in Kuta is Sky Garden which is a multi level bar playing different types of music on each level.

There are plenty of bar girls in Bali who hang out in the bars hoping to make money.

They are refered to in Indonesian as 'Kupu kupu malam' - night butterflies.

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