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You find patterns in attitudes and personalities of the men here. He wants to drive you everywhere or at least guards you while you ride the bus together. He wants to teach you things: Spanish, how to dance, where to go in the city, philosophy, indigo dyeing.

Of course there’s grey area and contradictions, but I would say the two most obvious are: The Hero and The Womanizer. When you get on a bus with a heavy bag, a hero will very likely offer to hold it for you. Womanizers are the reason I get anxious when getting on a bus or passing a group of guys on the street.

I mean probably not with your purse, but with your groceries, for sure. While I’ve never had a particularly terrible experience, the accumulation of comments has stuck with me. Sometimes its said somewhat genuinely as if it’s a compliment. The result of this recurring comment is that now I feel that all the men I encounter regard me as a princesa.

In fact many Salvadoran women are accustomed to handing their giant basket of food off to the first guy who can reach it. This may be as much a result of my colour as it is my gender.

I will admit, at first I thought I could get used to the heroes. When I do it myself I know I’ll do it right and I won’t feel indebted to anyone for having given me something. All the same, it’s not a comfortable position to be in.

Dating a salvadoran guy

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