Dating a girl with a lot of guy friends short online dating quotes

by  |  27-May-2016 07:11

Some girls have a ton of guy friends and that's just the way it is.

But your guy friends tell it like it is — a guy that likes you wouldn't ghost you, so it's time to move on.7.

At the same time, their friendly advice is useless.

Their idea of making you feel better after a breakup usually consists of something like, "Eff them," or "Whatever, they don't deserve you then," and then they move on.

But you kind of need to rehash your entire relationship and figure out what went wrong for the next three weeks, and it definitely isn't a "whatever" situation! Guys are afraid to ask you out because they think you're dating one of your guy friends.

It's like you need to wear a sign that advertises your single status 24/7 in order to get across that you and your guy friends are just, well, FRIENDS.9.

Dating a girl with a lot of guy friends

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