Dateline online dating scam

by  |  27-Dec-2015 23:21

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Please scroll down the page to read other complaints filed against this con-artist and scammer known as Tara! The thing that stopped me paying for a reading was the realisation that the first email she sent me she mentioned I would win a substantial amount on 17th November...which of course I didnt..then I thought well, if Tara was wrong about my win, she must also be wrong about this evil presence..!!

Ridiculous that I even considered she may be genuine.Mediums are not supposed to predict lottery wins!!! I am glad you have highlighted this scam x I, ve just been scammed by her aswell, i was suspicious at first just by the fact she kept highlighting money wins and suchlike. i couldn, t afford the £79 she asked for originally.

She contacted me 2months later offering a "great tarot reading" for £20. Since she is supposedly in Hong Kong, as is stated above, I take it this is also a bogus address for her.

i went for it even though i can, t afford to lose that money. Truthfully yours, I would like to thank you very much for your email that I have just received.

I hope they catch the people behind this scam and jail them for a long time. I have not sent her anything, as I feel it is a scam each time I open a new one. I have to admit that the recent weeks have been really busy for me.

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