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Their successors built the great Persian empires of classical antiquity.

In the 7th century the Muslim Arabs conquered Iran but the Persian heritage survived, its language and culture reformulated in a new Islamic idiom.

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Explore Iran’s dynamic fusion of cultures on a tour offering awesome mountains and deserts, diverse art and architecture, teeming ancient bazaars and sophisticated cuisine.

After visiting Tehran’s world-class archaeological, carpet and glass museums, we skirt the Alborz Range westward to the Zagros Mountains, once home to the famed Assassins.

At Soltaniyeh we view the great Mongol mausoleum crowned with one of the world’s largest domes.

College (London), Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society & Sackler Scholar.

Archaeologist in North Africa, the Balkans, Central Asia, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Middle East.

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