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TNB: Communicating Vessels has pretty decent distribution. I hope that they can survive in this day and age in the music business. TH: We just have this one tour booked as of right now and that’s just us by ourselves with local support in all the cities.

I remember seeing The Great Book of John and some of their other releases here in Nashville. Obviously, it’s like a f*****n’ s**t show out there. Jack White made an album that had three speeds on it to create more interest and it ended up being number 1 on Billboard. I think that is usually good, you know, because you get local bands that help you with the draw.

They also concentrate on doing some vinyl, don’t they? TNB: Are you doing recording pretty much the way you used to, like, are you pretty much taking control of your work?

Taylor and Kate took a much needed break when they became first time parents and found themselves with new material at a crossroads in the music business that is affecting even smaller regional labels.

After much reflection and at a point where they felt like they were ready to get out on the road, they ended up working with Birmingham, Alabama’s Communicating Vessels which has had national success with The Great Book Of John as well as regional favorites like The Grenadines.

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