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This total reportedly includes a $500,000 debt he owes to his own mother, Rhonnel Hearn.

went through court documents related to Portis’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy case, and including money owed to his mom, these are his “most notable” debts: $1,223,020 owed in mortgage deficiencies, $500,000 to an ET correspondent (Nischelle Turner), $412,000 to four different women for “domestic support”, and $457,178.56 combined owed to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and Borgata Casino in Atlantic City.

There’s also the matter of $390,000 or so owed in back taxes to the IRS. Looking over the list and examining this situation paints a rather disturbing picture.

Exactly how does a man who reportedly made $43 million during his nine-season career with the Washington Redskins end up flat broke barely three years after retiring? Consider that Clinton Portis is someone who went from earning barely anything to being a millionaire rather quickly, a man who was suddenly getting paid millions of dollars per year.

It’s apparent that his instinct was to begin to live a more flashy “baller” lifestyle, one filled with expensive cars (Portis reportedly also owes $175,000 for “BMW, Audi and Dodge automobiles”) and women (again, $412,000 owed to four different women).

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