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However, Feige allegedly became so frustrated working with Perlmutter that Disney restructured their organization so that he only had to directly report to Alan Horn, who is the chief of Disney Studios.

The huge critical and financial success of proves that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is only going from strength to strength, and some individuals across the world wide web believe that Perlmutter approved this hugely divisive Captain America arc just to hurt Marvel Studios.

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Chris robert evans dating

Plus, all of this chatter regarding Captain America is doing precisely what the comics intended: it’s got more people talking about the upcoming issues.

As the famous adage goes, no publicity is bad publicity, but this might be testing it a little bit too closely.

claimed the 49-year-old grew frustrated after BBC2 controller Kim Shillinglaw - who recently left the show - was reluctant to give him the same creative control as ex-host Jeremy Clarkson.

Earlier this week, Marvel Comics decided to make one of the most controversial decisions in superhero history when they revealed that Captain America was actually an undercover agent for Hydra.

Unsurprisingly, some Marvel fans took umbrage with this decision, quickly declaring that not only was it completely against everything that the superhero stood for, but it went against why he was created in the first place.

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