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More importantly, what kind of feelings does that type of comment elicit in others? She appears to be one of those rare people who has done—so far—everything she's set out to do, and not many of us can say that.

As a parent, there is no other goal your child could fulfill that would make a parent more contented and proud: to have a child who one day makes happen whatever she wants.

Taylor Swift is easy to hate for some because she seems to like herself so much, and that's hard for a lot of people whose self-esteem is a little shaky. Swift is a woman who had a parent (I believe, her mother) who supported this young woman ad infinitum growing up.

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Swift has, there is no other possibility to help explain her perseverance and psychological resilience: This is a girl who had a relentlessly supportive authority figure in her past.

There's no question in my mind that someone was there every step of the way for her, mirroring her, telling her, "Yes, you are gifted." We should all be so lucky. Swift is with her music: the insistence on singing about almost nothing but unrequited romantic love, as if she—and the audience she sings to—is stuck at a junior high school dance, invisible but desperate to Get The Guy To Like Me.

It's no surprise that one of her biggest hits is "Romeo and Juliet," because the notion of impossible love permeates so much of her music. Swift strikes me as surprisingly naive—or merely developmentally arrested—when it comes to romantic love. Her songs couldn't be catchier, and I'm a feminist, so I love female singers who write their own songs.

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I read today that singer Taylor Swift is coming up with yet another album, less than two years after the last one, with singles still charting from the current album.

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