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This week Jenelle gives a fully thought-out presentation to her lawyer on the 5 steps she’s planning on taking to get Jace back. I mean, he’s been basically dating Jenelle for 4 weeks, has been living with her for 3.5 weeks, and has already poked holes in all of his condoms, so it really only makes sense that he has every right to be upset that she’s going to go and meet up with Nathan.

I’m kidding, she basically tried to figure out ways to use her son to get criminal charges dropped against her so she can get into that glorious surgical tech school she won’t shut up about. Deep down you totally know that Jenelle is psyched to see Nathan.

Either way, David is all pissed off because he wants to be there with Jenelle when she meets up with Nathan so he can make sure Nathan “doesn’t disrespect his woman.” Way to go all cave man on us right now.

These two knuckleheads have a little fight and then David basically locks himself in the bathroom.

Jenelle almost knocks the door down and then the argument continues with their mic’s on. I miss the old days of fighting where stuff got slammed, tears were free-flowing, and perhaps someone became a mother. Meanwhile, Nathan and his girlfriend are out having dinner so they can discuss the meet-up with Jenelle.

They could have been reading the Declaration of Independence for all I know because I was mesmerized by the editing in this scene.

Sometimes as they were talking the table was completely empty and at other times their food was in front of them…back to empty…food.

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