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Dating Scams are usually perpetrated by groups of individuals operating out of Africa or Eastern Europe, though recently there has been a surge of similar scam groups in Malaysia, Philippines, and even in UK itself.

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Tease: If you have a dating profile online at any of the dating sites, such as Match, Ok Cupid, Badoo, and so on, you may get a request / flirt or find a perfect match: similar interests, looks absolutely beautiful or handsome.

Alternatively, you may get a friend request from your social network such as Facebook or My Space. Please: You two proceed to chat, about inane things.

Again, similar interests, looks absolutely handsome or beautiful. The other party will quickly call you by an endearing nickname, like honey, baby, sweetie, etc.

Romance Scam, also known as dating scam, is not new, but it is growing year to year.

Report by Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) issued in 2012 revealed that 51% of all romance scam complaints are people over 50, with total reported losses over 56 MILLION dollars.

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