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It uses systems that have either default passwords or no protection at all to beam video from people's private lives across the internet. Connecting your computer to the internet immediately opens you up to the world of the hacker.But everyone needs internet access - computers just aren't fun without it. First things first, change the password on your router.A lot of people leave it as the default and it's not too difficult to look things up, or try a number of passwords to gain access to a home network. WPA2 encryption is important, as is turning off SSID to prevent the name of your router being broadcast to anyone in range.

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It can normally be switched off very easily in the settings page of the device.

Just as we mentioned earlier, setting and changing passwords is going to be very important in securing your webcams.

The Russian website has exploited the fact that most people don't protect their webcams at all, or use default passwords.

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