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Holidays breed high expectations and anticipation as there […] Read more There is nothing worse than being excited about connecting with someone just to get a dial tone, a voicemail, or no call back.

Who can resist the urge to look at their ex’s Facebook page after a breakup? So, why does this season bring up difficult emotions, particularly loneliness?

These feelings can become especially overwhelming as you reflect on your life circumstances and come to terms with being single.

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We ALL know what it’s like to experience rejection and I have NEVER heard someone say, “I just love the idea of being rejected.” Rejection is rough. […] Read more We’ve all heard the saying “forgive and forget,” but how many of us truly know what this means or how to do it?

Forgiveness involves engaging with a complex series of emotions – anger, pain, frustration, and fear – which most of us try to avoid.

Unfortunately, we can’t escape these feelings in life, at […] Read more Sometimes life feels like a boating excursion on a sunny afternoon—smooth sailing, peaceful, and enjoyable.

Other times it can feel more like a boxing match, where you are pummeled and down for the count.

Everyone has times when they endure setbacks, disappointments, and failures.

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