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Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan may all be on the wrong side of 40 yet they romance ladies half their age.Yet, one has to give it to them that they take great pains to look the way they do.

We look at some leading men from Bollywood and across the globe who are in their 40s but are drop-dead gorgeous. Hrithik Roshan If there's anyone on whom the title of a Greek god rests well, it has to be Hrithik Roshan.

That perfectly sculpted body with rippling biceps and taut abdomen will have women dizzy with lust.

Add to it, those limpid green eyes, and you have killer combo. No surprises then that he doesn't need a body double for his action sequences. From his rugby act in DDLJ to shirtless avatar in Manwa Laage number from Happy New Year, this guy simply redefines sexiness.

No gym-toned, steroids guzzling hunk-hood this -- Akshay Kumar belongs to that legion of men who take fitness to a Zen-like perfection. Look out for that perfect abs in an orchestrated open-shirted act in Happy New Year.

To him goes the credit of making 'going shirtless' a Bollywood standard now.

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