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But even before you see Ratcliffe calling the Native Americans savages, the audience already loathes him because of his ridiculously camp haircut.

Disney used this type of villain time and time again, with too many to put on this list.

But for other examples, Disney fops include Jafar from Aladdin, Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Prince John from Robin Hood and even going all the way up to Doctor Facilier in The Princess and The Frog. Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective)Don‘t remember the film?

What is it about Disney movies that the LGBT community loves? Thousands of LGBT people and their families regularly attend Gay Days at the Disney theme parks, where they wear red, have a good time and spread visibility for a company that has done very little in supporting them back – at least openly.

Or just the idea good will triumph over evil and there will be a happy ending?

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