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It kills girls inside when they think they're letting their mothers down. "DB: Roller Derby is cropping up like wildfire around the country. It's like a wonderful manifestation of this need to find your alter ego and family, to kick ass. We played Cranium, and I teamed up with [musician] Har Mar Superstar, and we were destroyed. Our tastes differ here and there—she's a little more ethereal and I'll go a little more garage band—but they're very similar. I'd basically chase her around and say, "If you don't mind doing this scene in your underwear—and keep those black socks on—I'd love it." That's more real: When you spend the night with girlfriends, you're going to wake up in your undies and socks.

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DB: I have to get a preproduction cast physical done [for insurance reasons] for another film I'm working on as soon as I leave here, and literally all the questions are, movie you could be a real bruiser. EP: I'd ice-skated before, because I'm Canadian and that's what you do as a kid, but I'd never, ever been on quad skates. [Barrymore just turned 34, Page, 22.]EP: It was my first Vegas experience, and luckily it had no similarities to EP: I first met Drew at the Chateau Marmont. You could just feel her warmth and kindness immediately, and the way she carried herself was just so grounded. And all of a sudden I was like, What if I just didn't send such negative messages to my brain and said, wear it and enjoy it?

So I trained for three months with a derby trainer. So then it was like, "Oh, this is going to be great." And then it went into, "Oh, my God, I'm really crazy about this person." It just grew and grew and grew and grew and grew.

I actually never got badly injured—I'm tough as frickin' nails. DB: We didn't know each other at first, but there was no other person I was going to make the movie with. Because I don't want to be sitting on the sidelines as the director going, "I know you're hurling yourself around that track at 60 miles per hour—don't worry! " I wanted to understand the pain that comes from falling, the fear of the brain telling you , but the body forcing you to.

Shoehorned into a banquette on the sun-drenched patio of a Mediterranean joint in Manhattan's West Village, Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page can't keep their hands off each other.

The two stars first buddied up on the boisterous set of , this month's Roller Derby romp, which features Page as Bliss, a small-town pageant girl who trades in her tiara for ripped fishnets and elbow pads; it also marks Barrymore's first time as director.

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