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Their album is truly collaborative, with ten of the 12 tracks written jointly, albeit by Byrne’s preferred method: sending fragments back and forth by email.

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But she is the more distinctive guitarist of the two, adding some sparkling riffs when the brass players catch their breath., the Southern soul singer who combines a gorgeous smoulder with a fragile psyche.

She has a new gamine haircut (although that might have more to do with a sudden split from the actor Giovanni Ribisi, now married to Agyness Deyn) and a new style: mostly electronica, with excursions into pop and glam. Nobody would have listened to Power’s previous eight albums and said ‘what you need is to go electronic’, but it works pretty well.

She produces herself, as usual, and lets the vocals shine out.

If anyone ever tells you rock has become regimented, you should be able to silence them in two words: David Byrne.

Not content with having fronted one of the great bands, Talking Heads, Byrne has long been on a mission to work with every kind of artist he can find.

Annie clark dating david byrne

Her latest song was entitled Something You Can`t Live Without and was released in 2013.…
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