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by  |  11-Sep-2015 21:55

) non-validating yet mostly conforming XML parser written in C.Its primary goals are small binary size, simplicity and correctness. The code can be obtained from the git repo and is available under a permissive MIT license.The only two files you need are yxml.c and yxml.h, which can easily be included and compiled as part of your project.

The API follows a simple and mostly buffer-less design, and only consists of three functions: Be aware that simple is not necessarily easy or convenient.

The API is relatively low-level and designed to integrate into pretty much any application and for any use case.

This includes incrementally parsing data from a socket in an event-driven fashion and parsing large XML files on memory-restricted devices.

It is possible to implement a more convenient and high-level API on top of yxml, but I'm not very fond of libraries that do more than what I strictly need.

There are no tarball releases available at the moment.

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