Alison mosshart dating jack white

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Sure, the raven-haired Mosshart looks appropriately tough, but a second persona appears as she peels off the rock-star veneer. If I were in a band in sixth grade I would have called it The Banana Republic Club. I stayed with them, and Jamie lived upstairs with this unpredictably difficult kid called Simon, who once got wasted on whiskey and started waving a big bread knife at me and talking nonsense.

The tour for The Kills’ third album, (Domino), ended only days earlier, and she has just gotten off a flight from Japan. I expressed an interest to Jamie in working with him.

In New York on downtime, she’s a soft, smiley songwriter from Vero Beach, Florida, with a shy, nervous giggle. I said that I was done with the band I was in—I felt like all I did was make up words to other people’s songs—and I wanted to do something different.

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Mosshart is so down-to-earth she meets me a little late because she was up late last night chain-smoking cigarettes, writing songs, and painting, at one point spilling thick black lacquer all over a white wall at her week-long sublet in the East Village. MOSSHART: Embarrassingly enough, I think these are the exact same jeans I’ve worn on the past two tours. I have a friend [at Dior] who reorders a pair for me whenever mine get tired. I started that band when I was in junior high school— BLASBERG: Wait, junior high?

As we pop inside The Mercer Kitchen to order soup—paint under her fingernails and the distinctive scent of Marlboro Menthol Lights still in her hair—she asks if I want to go ice skating in Central Park later. They’ll be like, “The bands after you were fine and blah blah blah . .” Yeah, they went on at, like, 6 p.m., when the sun was down, asshole. I challenge anyone to show me a boot I like better.

What self-respecting rebel would want to skate with the tourists? My muscles felt like jelly, and I couldn’t hold anything or make a fist. I couldn’t sing or even make noise because it takes too much energy. BLASBERG: Is it weird for us to talk about what you wear, your style? BLASBERG: What were the bands you most admired when you were young?

Etched in black ink on the heel of Alison Mosshart’s left hand is a tattoo: “14-2-02”—Valentine’s Day, 2002. MOSSHART: I don’t know if that kind of attention helps or hinders. Our bus driver was supposed to meet us in Texas a few days later. BLASBERG: I guess YSL is a little more classy than beer, but probably not as much money. Derek Blasberg is a Missouri-bred, New York–based fashion journalist and writer.

It’s a very important date for the 30-year-old singer, marking the first time she took the stage with Jamie Hince, her cohort in The Kills. Regarding Kate, you could look at the sales for The Babyshambles [Moss dated Pete Doherty, who is the band’s lead singer and guitarist] and say having Kate attached to your band—in the media, anyway—doesn’t necessarily help. It was a Sunday when he should have arrived, but he didn’t. He is one of V magazine’s senior editors and is a contributing editor at and several international editions of Vogue. With a smoke at lips, black on her nails, eye-covering bangs and a rock and roll style that cannot be shaken she has become such an inspiration to all and many.

Alison mosshart dating jack white

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