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1 Minute Crunch.- Do crunches for 1 minute straight. Push Ups.- Do REAL push ups until your arms shake (Lisa started with 12) If it isn’t tough, you’re doing it wrong. It doesn’t have a clamp, so you just take small sections and wrap them around the barrel.

It’s a curling iron that’s bigger at the base and gets really thin at the end. If I want big waves, I use a Revlon “beach waver”, which is basically like a giant crimper.

My hair is naturally wavy/curly, so if I’m having a good hair day, I just let it go wild. If I want a neater curl (like my hair in my halloween pictures) I use a Conair Infinity. It’s easier than it sounds, and is a really quick fix for a bad hair day.

Add deep breathing.o-my-hair-when-i For those of you asking how I do my hair, when I want it curly, I do it one of 4 ways, depending on how I want the curls to look.1. You just take small sections and pull the flat iron down your hair while twisting it at the same time.

Sometimes I just use a flat iron to curl it a little at the ends, if I want a little volume and texture but already have my hair pretty straight.

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