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No doubt the young man is training like mad, but La La Land has the eccentric sort of stimulation his evolving interests crave.What might seem like an odd choice of a winter training venue for a cycling professional, L. is actually the perfect locale for a young pro looking for a change of pace from his familiar Boulder surroundings.Set to spend some of his formative young adult years exploring new territory, Phinney has naturally found a place among the stars in the Hollywood hills.

"I love racing in the cold but training in the cold doesn't work great." BMC has shown great trust in its colorful young rider by allowing him the freedom to craft his training and race programs for the year.

But since signing Phinney to his first World Tour contract five years ago, the team trusts its rider. Following Phinney's crash at the 2014 USA Cycling Championships that resulted in a broken lower left leg, Phinney was never concerned about BMC dropping him from the team.

Then again, with Phinney's pedigree and profile, it's unlikely BMC would have released him anyway.

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