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It evokes images of suicidal, comet-chasing groups, physically abusive regimens, corrupt tyrants and Satanic rituals.

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Many of the special definitions of cult that "cult warriors" use boil down to this: "A cult is any group whose members don't believe exactly the same way I do." And if you're not LDS, then yes, I guess that definition applies to us once again, at least for the moment - but perhaps that can change if you'll just meet with a couple of our fine LDS missionaries....

A tongue-in-cheek demonstration of the tactics used by some self-proclaimed cult experts can be found on the Web page for the popular Cult Master 2000 Software System.

This powerful software enables you to prove that anybody you don't agree with belongs to a cult. ) A demo of the one of the many tools that come with the Cult Master 2000 CD set is the Letter of Love to a Cultist. (Customize your own version online and send a printout to a cultist you love.) The specific doctrinal differences that are cited to condemn the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a cult would equally well condemn the original Church of Jesus Christ.

Christians or cultists - just what are these Mormons, anyway? Our critics try to scare people and stop debate by giving us the frightening label of "cult." Yikes, it's the dread Mormon Cult! While I strive to be accurate, my writings reflect my personal understanding and are subject to human error and bias. Honestly, ambitious anti-Mormons would not sell many books and videos if they had titles like, "Mormonism is a Religious Organization: Find Out Why!

This page explores scare tactics and the arguments made on doctrinal issues (e.g., the doctrine of the Trinity, etc.) by those who rail against the "Mormon Cult." This is one of several pages in a suite of "Frequently Asked Questions about Latter-day Saint Beliefs." This work is solely the responsibility of Jeff Lindsay. But these definitions don't spook people enough to be used by our critics.

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